Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addiction Apologists

By the the time I post this most everyone in the world will know that Arnie couldn't keep it in his pants and fathered a child outside of his marriage. Probably not the only straw on Maria's back, but I'm guessing it probably lit the match as far as her decision to separate from him formally.

For his part, Mr. Schwarzenegger has been appropriately contrite and apologetic in the press, no looking for redemption or offering explanation as to his shitheel behavior. This doesn't make it any nicer, but in contrast to some of the other celebrity divorces of late it is certainly an improvement. Now for something completely different.

Meet Jesse James, tattoo afficionado, chopper creator, loser ex husband of Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock. "I cheated on my wife. Guess what millions of men do that." Indeed they do, but most at least have the good grace to appear contrite and keep their mouths shut. They do not go on to write a tell all book detailing their conquests or describing in detail their preferences and the fact that good old Sandy isn't quite as wild in the sack as say the newer tattoed broad he is currently bedding.

Is it too much to ask to just, SHUT UP.

I do not care that you had a miserable childhood, get in line.

I do not care that you have an addicition. In fact-shut up about your addiction and recovery. You are the reason people and lawmakers do not believe in funding treatment for addiction. If you were truly in recovery you would be making amends to your former wife, your children and your friends. You would not be airing out every bit of dirty laundry, sexual prowess, and history of trysts to the world and making a profit off of it.

There are hundreds of millions of people in recovery and they have worked and continue to work to stay sane, sober, and healthy. They do not seek the limelight, they seek real life, unimpaired by their addiction (s) and you sir are not in recovery and the only steps you are working are the ones that lead further down the path of no return. I believe sexual addiction is a real problem, and I believe recovery is possible for anyone. I do not believe for a moment that Jesse James is in recovery and I am tired of him and others of his ilk bastardizing the process of healing with their moronic, self serving myopia.

At the heart of it all addiction is the most devastating form of selfishness and self absorption. It takes years to retrain and refocus a brain, body and spirit to living life differently. Not 6 months, a new girlfriend and a fresh tattoo. So Jesse take a moment, go to a meeting, get a new sponsor, and SHUT UP.

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